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Why is our Affiliate Program better?

Nationwide has a better way to build teams through it's one stop shopping approach and affiliate program.

Build a team and build affiliate income. 


  •         Earn 5 basis points from every loan of every person you recruit 5 levels under you.​

  •         Minimum production level = 12 loans a year to stay in the program

  •         $225/transaction fee after cap, $125/lease transaction fee after cap​

  •         No monthly fees.

Heres an example:

You come on board and originate loans, so you earn your commission per loan you close. Awesome. Then you brought Janet onto the team. Janet closes a $500,000 loan she earns her commission and you earn 5 basis points which is $250. Awesome. Janet then brings on 5 originators. Then they bring on 5 each and then those bring on 5 each. You earn 5 basis points for every loan originated 5 levels down. If everyone closes a $500,000 loan once a month how much do you make? That's $453,000! It can be a great residual income. 


This is not an MLM. This is a pure and transparent affiliate program. You can see the income structure clearly and understand how much work it will take to make your income a reality.  


MLM schemes use dreams of riches to fool their marketers into a compensation structure that is so confusing that many times no-one makes money until years of time has been invested upfront. 

We equip our team leaders with the systems needed to train and facilitate healthy and high production environments.

Apply today to get in touch with our team. 

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