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Why is our Owner Financing/ Lease Option Program Better?

Other companies don't know what it takes to get you mortgage ready. We are a lender. With 38 years of mortgage experience, we have the creative finance experience it takes to come up with a solution tailored to you. 

We created the owner finance/ lease option program to help you find the perfect home. You get to pick out any home on the market. We will buy the home you want and carry the terms until you are mortgage ready and then we will do your loan. It's that easy!

Choose from hundreds of homes available in the neighborhoods you are looking for and we will offer owner financing or lease option terms. As a lender and a real estate company, we offer one-stop shopping. We will help you locate the very best value in a home and either lend you the money with a really low fixed rate option or if you don’t qualify yet and you meet our criteria, we will buy the home for you and we will carry the terms. We will then help you get Mortgage ready and provide a competitive loan for you at that time.

Fill out the form below so you can see hundreds of homes that might work for you!

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