Lease Option Solutions

If you have damaged credit we have a way to help you buy a home. 

A lease option is an agreement where we purchase the home for you with an option in the lease contract for you to purchase the home when you are prepared to qualify for a loan.

We buy it, you rent until you are ready to purchase, then you purchase.  

The Process:

  1. Have a conversation with one of our Loan Officers and find out if you qualify. Generally, if you have a 10% down payment and enough income for a rent payment, you will qualify. 

  2. Shop for a home within your budget. There are no restrictive lists of homes here, you can look at active listings or off-market and for-sale-by-owner properties. We could renovate a property to suit your needs, or even build a house just for you.

  3. We put the home under contract and purchase it. You sign a lease agreement with us with an option to buy within three years.

  4. Move in and begin making payments. You treat the home as your own - paint, remodel, renovate, whatever you like!

  5. We help you prepare to purchase from us. Over a period of one to three years, we help you repair damaged credit, sort out income reporting requirements, or perform whatever other steps are necessary to help you become ready to purchase your home with institutional financing.

  6. You exercise your option to buy with institutional financing.

  7. Congratulations, you're a home owner!