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 Why is Buying With Us Different

At Nationwide Home Loans, Inc, we know that the outcome of your home search is what is really important – a house you love with a payment and down payment that fits your budget. That’s why we work so hard to make sure that you have access to all the different kinds of financing that the lending industry offers, and to be your expert guides in selecting the right loan for your situation.

We believe in well-informed buyers and real estate agents, which is why we take the time to review options with you and help you select the loan program that fits your needs while being prepared to get creative if your dream home isn’t immediately available. We have serious conversations with our clients about down payments, debt positioning, construction and renovation financing, and much more so that you don’t go into the market feeling limited, but liberated by the financing options available to you. More importantly, you’ll know how this purchase will affect your financial future, and how you can make the best possible decision to ensure that it remains bright and secure.

Click here for more information on how we make building a house a reality even for first-time home buyers.

Click here to learn about purchasing and renovating a home with one easy loan.

Have you ever thought of investing in real estate but don’t know where to begin? Are you an experienced investor adding to your portfolio? We have solutions for every kind of real estate investor. Click here to learn more.



One Stop Shopping

It’s important that the lender and real estate agent you choose work together as a team. In a perfect world, your agent, lender, and even your financial adviser and insurance agent would all speak the same language and work in concert to help you build a solid financial foundation to grow your wealth for your future and your legacy.

That’s why One Stop Shopping is more than just a way to buy, build, or renovate, it’s a revolutionary way to make sure that all your efforts are coordinated for maximum effect.

Of course, we won’t make you use our partners, and we are always happy to work with those whose perspective is different from ours, so if you already have an agent, financial adviser, and insurance agent, we are happy to work with you and them to understand your current strategy and make sure that your real estate financing supports it.

We also shop around with multiple investors to find a great rate for your loan.

Loan Programs

Conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA loans are the most common types of financing. The interest rate you’ll pay, the amount of mortgage insurance (if any), and the size of the down payment required are all affected by the type of financing you choose. Additionally, the type of house each of those programs will finance can be very different. Did you know that government-insured loan programs like FHA, USDA, and VA have caps on the amount that can be financed when using them? Or that the caps vary by county? Did you know that some loan programs can only be used in certain areas? Some loan programs even have income caps.

It’s no secret that real estate financing is a complicated business. You are best served by a mortgage lender who is enthusiastic about the options they have to offer and making those options fit your needs and desires.

Everything about buying a home starts with the financing, and it’s the financing that will ultimately make your search succeed or fail. Whether you are buying your first home or your dream home, Nationwide Home Loans is here to give you top-tier service, the right program, and the most options.


How the home buying experience is different with us.

At Nationwide Home Loans, our loan officers don’t keep bankers’ hours, they are there when you need them. Your real estate agent works on weekends, and so do we. Unlike some of our competitors, we have extremely high employee satisfaction, which means that your file won’t be transferred between loan officers because of high turnover or poor performance.

Our loan officers own and invest in real estate themselves, and stay current with the latest in real estate financing. They are experts who use financing to expand options, build wealth, and change lives.

We start with a rigorous pre-qualification that allows us to look at your total financial picture right from the beginning to ensure that when we give you a pre-approval, you can be sure that we mean what we say. Other lenders will often pre-qualify buyers on credit and stated income alone, but we believe this does a disservice to the client because important factors in the lending decision are unknown until after you have put a home under contract. This is how deals go bad and we think it’s a bad way to do business.

When we give you a pre-approval letter, we are saying that we have evaluated your financial position and we are going to close your loan based on that. Our loan officers call the listing agent for the property you put under contract and tell them so, which means that when you put a competitive offer on a home, it goes to the top of the pile because that’s something the other guy just doesn’t usually do.

Once your home is under contract, we are confident that no one is more tenacious than we are to make sure that it closes. Click here to read about how our own Jereme Roodhouse went above and beyond to make sure his clients’ deal didn’t fall apart when it looked like all hope had been lost.

Our loan officers make every effort to go to their clients’ closings and are always available to answer questions about disclosures, closing fees, and other topics of concern to the home buyer. We never want you to feel uninformed or confused about the process of buying a home.

Reviews From Our Clients

Don't take our word for it, here is what some of our past clients have to say about us!

“David Helped me secure financing for my very first home purchase. Other lenders would only pre-qualify me for amounts that were so much lower than I needed. I'll never forget, David said to me, "Don't worry, Jeff... we'll get you financed for the home you want." He was true to his word and so kind and understanding in dealing with my first-time home buyer's fears, concerns and questions.”

“I was lucky to have found Nationwide Home Loans Inc. Unlike other agencies I have worked with, they actually listened to me and were instrumental in getting us the perfect home loan. Thanks to them, my husband and I are going to have our dream of owning a home become a reality.”

“Nationwide Home Loans Inc is absolutely the best lender I've ever done business with. They are extremely friendly and take the time to listen to your needs. They are also very creative and helped us in a purchase and a refinance. With all of their experience, they will find a way to get your loan through. Call Nationwide, you'll be glad you did!”

Jeff Nelson

Claudia Fernandez

Damon Gillette

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