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What Makes Our Construction Loans Different?

Traditionally, the way to build a home has been to apply, qualify and secure your property with a land loan, then apply, qualify and secure a construction loan and then when your home is complete, apply, qualify and secure your permanent financing. 

With our One Time Close Construction to Permanent loan you can now obtain your land purchase, construction and permanent financing all at one time. 


It truly is a simplified answer to building your dream home. Our clients typically qualify for a 10% downpayment program but there are instances where VA buyers can build a home with no money down, and FHA buyers can do it with just 3.5% down. These loans can also put your land equity towards the downpayment meaning that no 0% down is totally possible!

One Time Close means just that, no need to qualify for a second loan when the home is built, and no need to pay closing costs twice or even three times.

It gets better. With most construction financing, you pay interest payments while the home is being built, but we have a program where you won't have to make any payment until the certificate of occupancy is issued! And because the financing is secured when we close, you can move on with your life instead of waiting until the final loan is done to apply for other credit you may like to secure.

This loan can even be used to buy a manufactured or modular home and land package. 

Apply now to have one of our Loan Officers guide you through this complicated construction financing process.


- Minimum Loan Amount of $250,000

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