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A Different Perspective

Most lenders just plan to close your loan. We help you plan your legacy.

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 What Makes Us Different

Did you know that your financing significantly affects the selection of homes you are able to purchase? Big banks like to do big volume, which means they limit the types of programs they offer. At Nationwide Home Loans, we believe that you shouldn't be limited by your financing, you should be liberated by it. We call this the One-Stop Shopping concept, and you can only get it with Nationwide Home Loans. 

We never take our eye off the immediate goal of closing your loan on time with the most competitive terms available, and we never lose our focus on the big picture - your long-term satisfaction and financial success. Whether you are buying your first home or building your real estate empire, you will find favorable loan options and sound advice at Nationwide Home Loans.

 One Stop Shopping Makes Us Different

Finding the perfect home is not easy, which is why we work directly with your real estate agent to  find all of the homes  in your price range that will work with the financing you qualify for.


Even then finding the right house can be a challenge, which is why we have programs like the HomeStyle Renovation Loan that lets you turn a bargain property into an updated gem, and the One Time Close Construction Loan that helps even first time home buyers build a new home with 0-3.5% down and no payments until construction is complete. 

One Stop Shopping means that we have your back no matter where your home search takes you.

Construction Loans

One Time Close Loan

Perfect For First Time Homebuyers

FHA 3.5% Down

VA 0% Down

Home Purchase Loans

Conventional Loans as Low as 3% Down

FHA Loans as Low as 3.5% Down

0% Down VA Loans

0% Down USDA Loans

Unique Lease Option Program

Home Renovation Loans

Minor Renovations

Whole House Remodels

Finance the purchase and renovation or remodel all in one loan

Our Loan Programs Make Us Different

At Nationwide Home Loans, Inc, we can handle just about any real estate financing situation, whether you are buying, renovating, refinancing, or investing. There is not enough space here to list the many programs we offer, but here are just a few:

  • Purchase your next home

  • Refinance your home

  • Conventional, VA, FHA, and USDA loans for existing construction

  • VA and FHA One-Time Close Construction to Permanent Financing 

  • HomeStyle Purchase and Renovation Loan

  • Lease Options for self-employed buyers, those with difficult credit, and other unique situations

  • 12 and 24-Month Bank Statement Loan

  • Commercial Loans for any size project from small multifamily to huge developments

  • Hard money for fixing and flipping


 And here is something else you won't hear many lenders say: If we don't have just the right loan program for your needs, then we will find out who does and refer you to them. 

Refinancing Options


Cash Out

Pay Off Debt


Our Financial Perspective Makes Us Different

Your home can be your most powerful financial asset or it can be a difficult drain on your resources and wealth building goals. Our loan officers and financial planning partners offer powerful strategies that have previously only been available to the wealthy and well-connected. Let us show you how to build and leverage the equity in your home to help secure your retirement, protect yourself from unexpected loss, and build a financial legacy for your heirs. 


Single Family

Fix and Flip

Buy and Hold


Apartment Buildings


Our Service Makes Us Different

Because we are a small firm, we are able to provide a level of service the big guys can only dream of. Our branch managers have direct access to our president and CEO, David Ruch, and they deal personally and directly with clients, agents, title companies, and all of the other people involved in a real estate transaction. Your file won't be transferred to another loan officer halfway through the process because of high turnover and employee dissatisfaction. We love working at Nationwide Home Loans almost as much as you'll love working with us.

Reviews From Past Clients

Don't take our word for it, here is what some of our past clients have to say about us!

“David Helped me secure financing for my very first home purchase. Other lenders would only pre-qualify me for amounts that were so much lower than I needed. I'll never forget, David said to me, "Don't worry, Jeff... we'll get you financed for the home you want." He was true to his word and so kind and understanding in dealing with my first-time home buyer's fears, concerns and questions.”

“I was lucky to have found Nationwide Home Loans Inc. Unlike other agencies I have worked with, they actually listened to me and were instrumental in getting us the perfect home loan. Thanks to them, my husband and I are going to have our dream of owning a home become a reality.”

“Nationwide Home Loans Inc is absolutely the best lender I've ever done business with. They are extremely friendly and take the time to listen to your needs. They are also very creative and helped us in a purchase and a refinance. With all of their experience, they will find a way to get your loan through. Call Nationwide, you'll be glad you did!”

Jeff Nelson

Claudia Fernandez

Damon Gillette

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